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Mr Enric de Anciola – Harp Technician

How was Pro.Harp.Tech founded?

During my time working as a technician for a popular harp brand, one question always cropped up among my clients: could you fix harps from other brands?

Many orchestras, music academies and soloists are often faced with having to call upon several technicians or after-sales services to organise the tuning of their harp collection. Furthermore, visits from these technicians are often few and far between, preventing a real harmony between the instruments.

Harp cleaning

Why choose Pro.Harp.Tech?

Pro.Harp.Tech’s goal is to work alongside professional harpists, soloists and emerging talent who seek excellence in tuning across the full range of brands, without favouritism or exclusivity.

The successful, high-quality tuning of a harp is the fruit of an intense collaboration between the technician and the musician. This collaboration is essential to optimise the instrument’s tuning and adapt to the character of the orchestra and the harpist’s personal style.